Tired of adds and posters? Want to do something different then the rest? We want to introduce a totally new way to show off your brand. In our business concept Corporate delight we taylor a guitar to represent and show off your brand. This is an modern eye catching way to get a attention and publicity around your company. Wether it’s at a fair, in your head quarters or in social media this is a sure way to get noticed. Our line of Corporate delight guitars there is no limits to what we can do, either it’s a wall hanger og or fully playable one off piece. Check out our work for inspiration for what you can get for your self.


Since 2015 Angry Norwegian has been blending, shaking and cooking up oils, balms and waxes for men who strive for bearded excellence. Our Beard Oils and Mustache Waxes are sold throughout the world, and we are working relentlessly to make it every bearded man’s preferred products, because we know, real men don’t settle for shit. Angry Norwegian (unlike our competitors) don’t use perfume, essential oils or other fragrances. Our motto is “Don’t Smell like a Wunder-Baum. Smell like a man.” Who wants to smell like vanilla fudge or eucalyptus lavender anyway?

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With its roots firmly planted in the heartland of Swedish textile industry, Blåkläder has a long and proud history of clothing production, both for the fashion industry and the industrial sector. After over 50 years in the business, this family-run company has gained a deep and genuine knowledge of how to produce clothing. Blåkläder is a growing company and we plan to continue on that path. Our vision is to spread functional workwear over the whole world. To do that, we need great production resources and perhaps most importantly, full control over production. Blåkläder owns its own factories, and that’s a conscious choice. It is, quite simply, the best way of ensuring quality in the long run.